Sunday, February 14, 2010


I am afraid Tetsu and I don't enjoy seeing movies together because of our different tastes. Tetsu finds me very limiting...

"Okay. What shall we see? You don't like love stories. You don't like horror stories. You aren't fond of musicals and you absolutely refuse to see an animal story. Science Fiction is out, anything with too much violence or s*x is out. Not too thrilled about mysteries nor action. There's not too much left for us to watch, Tanya."

Last week Tetsu was at the video store picking out a video for us to see.

"I picked out two. Maybe you'll enjoy at least one of them! The first one is really popular. There were lots of DVD cases for this one but there was only one DVD left. It MUST be a good movie if so many people are renting it!"

Think again. Somewhere through the first 30 minutes the monsters and aliens started appearing.

"Tetsu. I'm not watching this. It is dumb and revolting and I don't care how many people have rented it, you can watch it alone."

And I disappeared upstairs with my Kindle.

The next night Tetsu came home early (relatively).

"Okay. Last night's movie was a flop but I'm sure you'll like this one. It has won International awards! Just sit down and enjoy."

Yes, sit down... And watch 5 minutes...

"Ummm. Tetsu. This movie is not in English."

Tetsu didn't realize that. He knows I have to use my brain a bit more than I usually do to watch a non-English movie because that means I have to read the Japanese sub-titles. I don't know why there wasn't English for this DVD but there wasn't. And reading Japanese subtitles at the speed which sub-titles change is a challenge for me.

Yes, this was probably a very good movie. But not lighthearted and it had more violence than I like. I actually watched it again with the director's comments (in English) and was given a lot of food for thought. Tetsu slept through the English so we still didn't really watch this movie TOGETHER.

We should have lived in the Saturday night with Disney era.

I've never been able to watch Lady and the Tramp though....

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