Saturday, February 06, 2010

Nine-Patch finished!

My Nine-Patch baby quilt got finished yesterday. I really wasn't making a race of it but this quilt basically was done in three days. I spent Tuesday morning sewing together the nine patches and making a flimsy and then I spent most of Thursday machine quilting it. Yesterday I put on the binding and it is done!

I always feel that my machine quilting is inferior to what I could do by hand quilting, but the many comments about a baby quilt being washed often and used regularly convinced me that this quilt should be machine quilted. I still wanted a soft feel though so I quilted the center very sparsely with a few "roses".

I decided to try "Sashiko" quilting in the squares and that worked out better than I thought it would. I just made waves down one seam between squares and then went back up making waves on the other side of the seams (making an 8 figure) and then did the same horizontally. The "circles" seemed very lopsided and misshapen when I was making them but overall they don't look too bad.

A few small flowers in the last border and the quilting was done! I managed to get a couple wrinkles in the backing which happens a lot no matter how careful I am. I'm thinking that using bonding spray on the backing would help that problem next time I do this.

So another small quilt done and on to other things!

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