Friday, February 12, 2010

No school day

You are all so sweet. I spritzed myself yesterday but then the cats didn't like me...

Yesterday was a holiday so no school. I had a full day to sew and with no purpose in mind made a Mariner's Compass block. Yuki had sent me some patterns at Christmas and I had some bright fabric from Calico Cat (from ages ago!) thus a day of paper piecing.

This is actually NOT the way paper piecing should be done. (I realized I couldn't open up the fabric to iron the seam open. Luckily the piece I was making was symmetrical so I could still use this.) Got all the quarters made. Then made the compass. The paper mess afterwards and the picking out of paper in the seams is what deters me from doing paper piecing regularly. But this worked out nicely. Now, what to do with it. I have lots more patterns from Yuki so I may start working my way through those.

Since there was no school yesterday, there wasn't supposed to be any English class either. BUT who should show up on the doorstep but Y-kun. Thankfully it had started snowing so I had disbanded my plans to go to the swimming pool and was home, but Y-kun could easily have been left sitting on my porch in the cold and dark for an hour before someone realized he wasn't supposed to be there.

Well, come on in and let's see what we can do... He came up to the sewing room and I showed him my scrap basket and helped him cut squares and rectangles. The end result was a small Happy Village but he didn't find this an interesting project at all and instead wanted to use the sewing machine.

Finally after teaching him a few rudiments, Y-kun just haphazardly sewed pieces of fabric together and ironed them every which way.

Y-kun went home happy, my sewing room is a mess again (he REALLY wanted to check out EVERY scrap in the basket before choosing) and I have promised to quilt up his mini-Happy Village this week.

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