Thursday, February 25, 2010

On top of the world

I'm off to a mini-patchwork group meeting... Three of the ladies can't come today.

Rumor is that the Mini-Round Robins aren't going so well. One lady who hates quilting anyway (she likes to piece) has been busy caring for her ailing parents so she can't do the quilting stage of her MRR. Mrs. Furui (the professional of the group!) is at a loss about what to quilt on hers and has sat staring at it for a month. Her opinion is that these are really more suited for machine quilting (an overall pattern or something) but since no one but me does machine quilting, everyone is at a stand still... Don't look at me please! I have enough to do! The goal of passing the MRRs on to the next person for binding today will not be met...

And for no other reason than that they are cute, here are Toi and Cleo demonstrating elevation therapy. Toi has decided the dog towel basket on top of the dryer is a good place to relax until Mom lets him out of the laundry room. Why get upset about life (like Patora)? Just find as comfortable place as possible and take a nap.

And last week I brought home a bolt of batting which I store on top of the quilting shelves Tetsu made for me. Cleo has discovered that this is a WONDERFUL, fluffy place way on top of the world and he is now living with Velvet in the sewing room. I don't know how happy Velvet is about the situation but as long as Cleo stays up on the batting, Vel will stay down in his cave (box under the ironing table).

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