Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sisterly love

You do not want to know how long it took me to delete comments yesterday and this morning... I found more in my old posts and some were in English and Spanish. So now I've put moderation on posts over 14 days ago and I caught a couple this morning too. It must be all computer generated. It makes no sense otherwise. People, no matter how weird, couldn't have that much free time! I sure don't have the free time to spend my hours deleting! We'll see how moderating comments goes before trying passwords.


Okay, on to other, NICER things!

I was at Mrs. Furui's house Thursday and the first thing I notice is a Work-In-Progress that wasn't there a month ago. What HAVE you been doing, Mrs. Furui?

Another baby quilt! It is almost disgusting how many nice things Mrs. Furui makes and all of such heirloom quality. Sometimes I wonder why I bother! Every last inch of this is hand pieced and hand quilted. The colors soft and sweet. The whimsical placement of the blocks. The carefully chosen quilting patterns for the circles. The complicated quilted border.

Would you make a quilt like this for your grandchild? Yes, you would. It is absolutely darling. Would you make a quilt like this for your sister's friend's baby whom you will never meet? No, I would not. Not with all the time and thought and love that went into this!

"Mrs. Furui, you are scary! What are you going to do someday when your own children have babies? How are you going to be able to top this?"

Message to Mrs. Furui's sister.

"Please treat Fumiko-san to an expensive French lunch and a buying spree in a quilt shop!"

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