Tuesday, February 02, 2010


It started snowing last evening so I did NOT go out to swimming. I don't drive in snow nor when anything is slippery. I am a Southern California girl and can barely keep my footing let alone control a car on the ice! (I sometimes think Tetsu and my courtship went well because we met in snowy Northern Japan and in order to walk the streets with him I HAD to hold his hand! Such a forward, American girl! Tetsu was much too shy to grab hold of my hand so I had to grab hold of his!)

After 30 winters of snow I haven't learned to drive in it but I can walk without a hand to hold me up and so this morning Choco and I went out to see God's glory in the snowy morning skies. Poor Choco looks brown against the white snow so no pictures of her. She really does need a bath but I don't want her to catch cold being damp outside... so she is just dirty.

I know this isn't much snow to people in the US Midwest but it is enough to be beautiful without being too inconvenient.

No English this morning because the ladies who usually come didn't want to brave the slippery streets either so I'm using my free morning to do some sewing in the sewing room. Vel will be happy!

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