Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Too many projects

You know, for someone who doesn't have a lot of quilty material on her blog, I sure am involved in a lot of unfinished projects... Yesterday I listed the ones I'm working on and the ones I need to work on and the ones I've got downloaded and am ready to start and I counted 16. And nothing to show for any them!

This is a little unnerving because I fear that the bigger ones won't get finished in my lifetime... The smaller ones sort of dribble into the free minutes in my day... A couple of them are participant projects (bazaar quilt, Mini-Round Robin) so they should go quickly, and I am ahead on the Bunny Hill BOM, but the list hardly fits on one page.

Marie sent me a link this week and that was what sent me scurrying to tally up my projects and see if I can squeeze in another one. If you are a cat fan (and so many of you are!) and like to do stitchery (and I was saying my eyes wouldn't hold out for another embroidery project!) this is absolutely darling. Today I'm off to the next town over for a day of teaching. And I'm stopping at the craft shop to pick some more embroidery floss.... Pray that I'm not tempted by anything else new.

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