Sunday, February 21, 2010

Two projects down...

Y-kun's Happy Village quilt got quilted and returned to him this week. I about strangled him though because when I gave it back to him I said

"Now, don't go showing this to the other boys. They didn't have a chance to make one and they will be jealous. Leave it in the envelope until you get home. Now that's a promise right?"

"Oh, yes, yes. It's a secret between Tanya-sensei and me!"

Ha! The second I slipped it to Y-kun on his way out the door he started waving the envelope around and in a sing-song voice he taunted,

"I've a secret. YOU guys didn't get to do it! Too bad for you! You guys lost out and I had a lot of fun!"

Of course that sent the other four boys into gales of protest that Y-kun was teasing them and what was it that he had that they didn't get to have and why was I playing favorites with him again.

Sigh. I guess I should have been able to see that this was the way things were going to go with Y-kun... Ah well, one out of five boys happy...

And I spent yesterday putting a Prayer and Square quilt together. I must have shown this flimsy months back when I first made it (I try to keep one or two Prayer flimsies at hand) but I sandwiched it and basted it and put the ties on last night. I always think that if I just have a flimsy available that it will be a quick job to get it ready for being tied but it ISN'T a quick job! It took most of the day to put it all together. I wonder if I should go ahead and make flimsies AND sandwich them AND bind them before putting them aside... But that's being more organized than I want to be I guess.

AND I'm doing some paper piecing which I hope to show next week. I'm not a big fan of paper piecing but I have a project in mind so this is sort of a challenge. I'm thankful that I have always liked puzzles and brain teasers because that's what it feels like to put a complicated paper piece block together!

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