Monday, February 08, 2010


I felt so sorry for showing a dirty Choco on my blog that I had Tetsu give her a bath yesterday since she didn't want to be out in the cold and wind and snow anyway.

Although Choco doesn't much like water, she is now looking beautiful and smells great! Our beige dog became white! Her black spots shine! Unfortunately (or fortunately) today is a sunny day and so Choco is back outside, and probably will find some place to dig and be all dirty again in a few days...

On Saturday when I camped out in the sewing room I started quilting on the Mini-Round Robin that is in my possession this month. Oh my! Have I ever broken the rules now! I am the only machine quilter in our group. Most of the other ladies smile politely at my machine quilting (machine quilting in general) and show absolutely no interest nor attraction to this technique. All except one quilter (this month's MRR recipient!) who has given it a try but is afraid to practice on any of her quilts. If anyone in my group is going to be accepting of my machine quilting then this lady will! Go to it Tanya!

My own go-ahead may have put me in high gear because I've been machine quilting this little thing like there's no tomorrow! Egads! Will anyone even be able to see the fabric under my quilting? I've put in a modified SUN and LEAVES and FLOWERS and still want to do a bit more today. I sure hope people don't ask me where the MRR quilt went. This isn't looking like anybody else's.

And in the evening I took a break from machine quilting to... sew. The crosswalk where I volunteer has been missing its little crosswalk flags. They are plastic and become brittle and break in the winter. Or they get blown away by the wind. Or someone deliberately comes along and breaks them. All of the above. I bought some felt and cheap yellow fabric and sewed up my own flag on Saturday. Last year I spent a lot of time and brain power to wonky piece a STOP SIGN and I carry that to and from the crosswalk every morning (it's the only quilt I own that really gets seen by the world and "works" for a living). If my new little flag is going to be subject to weather and vandals I didn't want to spend too much time or money on it and this is the result. It will get left at the crosswalk and we'll see how long it lasts. I have more felt and fabric so if I can find another pole I'll make a couple more...

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