Sunday, March 28, 2010


We are on our last step of the Mini Round Robin!

Instruction number 11 (I think) -- Put on binding.

A quilt came to me. My job is to put on binding... Hmmm. Lots of nice circles in this quilt. How about trying something new?

Don't you love how I experiment with other people's quilts? I had some great striped fabric in the right color and right away figured it would make nice bias binding resulting in diagonal lines. Well, if I'm going to make bias binding anyway why not try some curves to tie in with all the circles?

Maybe I should have been gentler with my curves. On the other hand, if nothing else this quilt is interesting. This is so far away from whatever the original person had in mind that at this point whatever is done can't go wrong, or can't go right, depending on how you look at it.

I'm pretty sure the owner of this quilt doesn't visit my blog (there are only two people in the group that do) so I'm showing this here...

Hopefully next month will be the unveiling for all eight Mini Round Robins!

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