Friday, March 12, 2010

Boxy Stars

Yesterday I corralled my friend, Kaoru-san to help me with my latest quilt. We've decided to make it for a young girl at our church who will be going away to boarding school. Hopefully I can get a top pieced for this in the next couple weeks, have the church members tie prayers into it and then Kaoru-san and the girl's mother will bind it. And the kindergarten children (all 6 of them) will draw pictures for a label on the back. Who says Prayer quilts have to be just for the ill?

After pouring over websites I settled on Bonnie's Boxy Stars as a cheerful pattern and then pulled blues and golds from my stash. Kaoru-san came over after lunch to help me and she ended up doing ironing and cutting strips and rectangles while I sewed on the sewing machine. (Kaoru-san is allergic to sewing machines.) As a non-quilter/sewer, Kaoru-san found chain piecing very interesting.

"Wow! Just like sausages in their casings." she said as I handed her a long chain of squares and triangles.

That's a picturesque way of putting it! I got a belly laugh from Kaoru-san's perspective!

I insult Kaoru-san by calling her a non-quilter because actually she has put together two or three quilts (including a lovely Ocean Storm quilt) but she won't use a sewing machine, has to take aspirin before she begins sewing, and has a small piece in progress that's been in progress for the past year (but she says she hasn't given up yet!) Still, unless I call and say "you need to come over and sew" she has far too many other interests right now...

Between the two of us we got 12 blocks made for the quilt top and hopefully this afternoon I can figure out some sashing to go between the blocks.

Thank you for helping me Kaoru-san!

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