Saturday, March 13, 2010


I had some extra time yesterday afternoon so I worked some more on the Prayer quilt. Well! Certainly changed the feeling of THAT quilt with just the addition of those red corners. It is no longer a blue quilt... I auditioned various fabrics but blue corners and purple corners made the whole quilt seem cold so I opted for red... and when I got it all put together it no longer looked like the quilt I had in mind... Isn't that funny how quilts sort of decide themselves about how they will turn out...?

I think this needs an outer border but I don't have a lot of large pieces of fabric in my stash (in red nor blue). I keep reminding myself that it isn't the quilt but the prayers so I'll probably go with stash fabric than go running out to find the "perfect" border. What will this quilt look like tomorrow?

Oh, and I received a letter from the city telling me that they were hiring me for the position of crosswalk guard. Along with the letter was a sheet for filling in my measurements for a uniform. Height. WEIGHT! Shoulder to wrist. Neck to wrist. Crotch to heel. Bust. Waist. Hips. Neck. Head. And Shoe size. Whew! I wish I'd been more diligent on a diet. Too late now!

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