Thursday, March 11, 2010


I am crossing things off my to do list... and adding more!

I finished doing the stitchery for our bazaar quilt. Whew! That feels good to be done with that! Okay, one of four corners are done! Yoo-hoo! Mrs. Furui! Mrs. Ochiai! Mrs. Yamaguchi! How are you doing?!

You would think that I would settle back into quilting or knitting or work on the other projects. Nope. My head works in strange ways.

"Tanya, you don't have a quilt in the making right now (meaning piecing and working at the sewing machine). You ought to have something to do rather than just handwork. Better start another quilt."

"No way! I do NOT need another quilt! I've got too many to fit on my shelves! Why make myself another quilt? That makes me feel so self-centered..."

"Then make a quilt for someone else. Surely there is someone who needs a quilt."

"Yeah... But do I have the time to make someone else a quilt? I ought to be spending my time cleaning or teaching or running errands etc. It seems so frivolous to have to FIND somebody just so I can make a quilt. That's just trying to satisfy an urge to make more stuff."

But I very quickly thought of someone who NEEDS a quilt and so I have started cutting up more fabric. I've got one day this week and one day next week when I can work intensely on this! Suddenly I'm in a flurry to get at that sewing machine! No more blogging today!

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