Saturday, March 27, 2010

Envelope label

I had a bit of a challenge trying to put a label on the Boxy Stars prayer quilt that we made for our high school friend last week. The Sunday School kids made the label without any guidance from me and it turned out a lot larger than I expected. The Sunday School teacher provided felt pens and fabric but when it was handed to me to sew on I realized that it wouldn't fit on the back without overlapping the Footprints panel that I'd centered...

I didn't want to ask them to do it again but it did seem to be out of place... What to do?

I remembered seeing somewhere about an envelope label that could be sewn onto the back and could hold pertinent information and scraps of fabric for repair work or something. Sort of out of my head I made the label into a square with interfacing and backing and then added Velcro and a button so that it would "fold up". Kind of cute. A young girl can hide something in there I suppose (if she doesn't forget to take it out before she washes the quilt) though I don't know what other purpose an envelope on the back of a quilt might have.

Solved my problem... The label fits now!

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