Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kindergarten graduation

Yesterday I attended the Mifumi Kindergarten graduation which was a very formal and teary event.

20 years ago when my kids were in kindergarten, fathers rarely attended kindergarten functions. Child raising was the mothers' duty and fathers posed a daunting and domineering presence but did very little hands on care (except for bathing with children... For some reason that has always been the father's job.) At yesterday's ceremonies there were as many fathers there as mothers and everyone had their cameras and handkerchiefs out!

When my children were little I think Tetsu felt he HAD to attend these kindergarten and school ceremonies because he had this American wife who had different ideas about how both parents should participate in their children's activities. He went grudgingly and slightly embarrassed to the kindergarten and elementary ceremonies but he chickened out at Japanese Jr. high and high school graduation.

Kindergartens are private and so the 30 graduating children will be going off to different elementary schools around the city. I know they are proud to call themselves Mifumi graduates and if they are anything like my own children, will remember their kindergarten years with much fondness.

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