Thursday, March 25, 2010

Knitting in progress

I've got a basically free day so I need to do some house cleaning. My timer is set for 20 minutes on this computer and then I am off!

This morning I blocked the pieces of the vest that I've been knitting. This doesn't look interesting (not too colorful is it?) but Leiya wanted natural. My friend Mrs. Ide who has formally studied knitting once told me that the most important step in knitting (or crochet) is blocking the pieces before putting them together. Hey, I've spent years not blocking anything but Mrs. Ide claims it makes a world of difference so I've recently been taking the extra step of pinning down the pieces and steam pressing. Since this is cotton yarn I hope the vest will hold it's shape better... After these pieces are connected I'll put a single stitch crochet trim around the edges... Will that hold it? (I changed the pattern from pullover to button down... But I don't think Leiya wants buttons...)

And Thursday I helped three of my students make cell phone bags. A few months ago BrendaLou had sent me some patterns and so these went together easily. I had picked out some fabric that I wasn't really planning to use but the three girls dived into my stash drawers and came up with the cute kitty fabric.

"But this is Christmas fabric! It's March!"

No matter. Two of the girls wanted kitty Christmas cell phone bags. I wonder what their parents thought...

Okay. Off to clean! Hey, blogging only took me 10 minutes today!

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