Monday, March 08, 2010

Once upon a time

Once upon a time... Tetsu did not like cats. Tetsu was a dog person. His mother tells tales of Tetsu running away from home and getting as far as the dog house where hours later he was found sleeping with the dog.

Then I (Tanya) came along who doesn't classify herself as a dog or cat person. Maybe animal person. Tetsu and I helped a few stray cats but they went on their way and Tetsu brought home a stray dog (Shoko) which became an important part of our family. Then a friend "gave" us their cat that they couldn't keep (Lami) and after that one we adopted a kitten (Lemi), and somewhere along the line the strays started showing up. Zorro. Velvet. Cleo, Patora and a sibling (which found a home). Choco was a stray I brought home. Tetsu rescued other dogs which were returned to their owners. Chip. Toi. Mi. (I fail to mention the parakeets Tetsu and I kept before the kids showed up.)

Tetsu is now a cat person. Choco plays second fiddle because she is always digging holes, ripping up cushions and blankets, tearing apart her dog house, making more work for Tetsu.

The cats could care less about Tetsu. He's not the one who feeds them nor cuddles them. The only time they take an interest in Tetsu is when he is eating. In this picture, potato chips. Suddenly Tetsu is every cats' best friend! (Four cats there.)

And according to Mi, Tetsu is always her best friend. The feeling is mutual. Happiness is sleeping on top of the one you love.

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