Friday, March 19, 2010


I got a surprise package from Shasta yesterday!!!

In my three and a half years of blogging I have met only two blog friends face to face and one of them is Shasta. We figured out that she lived not too far from where Leiya's homestay family was living and two years ago when Tetsu and I went to Leiya's graduation Shasta drove out of her way to come and meet us for breakfast. (So Shasta, you are the ONLY blog friend who has ever met Tetsu!)

Since then Shasta and I visit each other's blogs and share our love of patchwork and quilting. Shasta has been a homestay mother to a couple of Japanese students and her daughter has visited Japan so we seem to find things to chat about.

Shasta's package was bursting with goodies! Some family pictures in a slideshow that just tickled me and it was so much fun to see her beautiful daughter. The fabric that Shasta included made me laugh out loud! SOOOO MEEEE! Look at this packet of matching fabrics! Oh, my cat friends are going to be so jealous! I will have to come up with the perfect project for these kitty fabrics!

Shasta had talked about the curtain rings that she uses to hold some of her smaller quilts and I'd commented that I would keep my eyes open for them someday when I'm in the States. Well, I can cross that off my list because Shasta included those in her package too along with some Fons and Porter pins that I'd admired before and a quilter's magazine!

Thank you Shasta!!! I have pinned your card to my wall and with think of you when I use the pins!

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