Monday, March 29, 2010

Therapy Fish

The swimming pool that I go to most evenings also has a hot spa on the other side of the building. And along the walls are posters of various events that are going on during the month. There has been an interesting poster that Tetsu and I couldn't figure out.

"Therapy Fish".

So I asked. "What is a Therapy Fish?"

And the lady at the counter invited me into the spa area to see for myself. "WHAT?"

Yes, that is my foot. And if you look closely you will see the "Therapy Fish". And what do Therapy Fish do? They are supposed to be very good at "eating" the dead skin from your feet. I definitely am glad I am not a therapy fish.

The spa provides benches surrounding a fish tank and people dabble their feet in the water. The fish swim furiously to the toes and heels and slurp up a meal.

When I stuck my foot in the water all the little fishies seemed very "hungry" and latched onto me immediately. Look at that one little guy being pulled out of the water! He was not about to let go! I wondered if therapy fish all have dreams of growing up to be piranhas?

I couldn't get my foot in any farther than this because therapy fish tickle! I let them slurp at my heel for a second so that I could take my picture but that was as much as I could handle. There was also a handmade sign nearby that said "Don't step on the fish" so I was afraid to put my foot down.

I don't think this is going to be a booming business. The little guys are cute and I guess they don't need to be fed (other than your foot) but this is a tactile treat I don't need again.

And I didn't even like pedicures.

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