Saturday, March 06, 2010

Works in progress this month

I don't have a lot to show for handwork so far... I must be doing something but nothing is getting completed and I still have a ways to go so here are some of my in progress projects.

Stitchery... that I was NOT planning to do anymore of but couldn't resist when the cats showed up. This is still February's block and I'm nowhere near the end. March block has already been posted at Red Brolly but I can't even think about that yet. I'll be happy if I get THIS block done! It should have a bit more color when I get to flowers and things... This looks pretty drab right now.

I am in possession of one of the corners for our bazaar quilt and four of us took home embroidery thread and instructions to stitch around all our previously colored patterns. It will be SOO nice to get this to a flimsy stage. Already we are beginning to ask... "Who is going to quilt this quilt?" "Not I." said the little red hen. My stitchery on this is taking me away from my cat stitchery (and the feathered star.)

Leiya asked me (and who can refuse a daughter living in another country whom you haven't seen in a year) to make her a vest. A knitted vest. Neutral color. Maybe specks of other neutral color. Button down. Not bulky.

Hmmm. She's asking a lot because according to my calendar I am out of the knitting season (November to January) but because she ASKED and because I LOVE her and because I haven't made her anything for a year I went off to the yarn shop and bought cotton yarn and found a pattern I like.

Sorry Leiya, I can't make it to order because I couldn't figure out EXACTLY what you were thinking of. I hope motherly love will cover the faults of unfashion. (And don't count on this arriving in your mailbox for awhile... Think summer.)

And finally a little COLOR on my blog... Three of my 6th graders are
"graduating" from English this month so I set them to work on Happy Villages. Now what that has to do with English I don't know but instead of going out and buying them a pen and pencil set or something I decided I'd rather help them make a remembrance of their six years with me. (And we did some minor sewing over the years.) So the three Happy Villages have been made and I need to get them quilted by Monday. Yes, I know there are only two here in the picture. I'm devoting Sunday night to quilting the last one.

And I shamelessly copied Diane Gaudynski's addition of a quilted cat in one of the houses because I know one of my student's likes cats (me too!).

Got to get back to work!

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