Thursday, April 15, 2010

A guest

Today I'm having an overnight guest! And she has been introduced on my blog before. Lorraine from Australia is visiting our patchwork group today and she is coming home with me to spend the night! What fun! I'm sure we'll have a lot to talk about.

This all came about sort of suddenly and my biggest concern when having people visit me is... Can they stand the cats? Even for cat lovers, 6 cats is a lot to take in... And my nose may not be as sensitive as it once was... (But English students haven't complained yet...) Well, no time to do major cleaning so Lorraine will have to take me and the cats (and Choco) the way we are.

Hmmm. Which room should she stay in (not that we have a lot to chose from)? The sewing room is out even though Lorraine is a sewer. Even I can smell that Velvet is a 24 hour resident there! The Japanese room is a possiblity because it is easy for pushing things aside and laying out futon. But then I took another look at the paper window shades... Holes. This is Mi's doing. And THEN I watched Toi make the holes even bigger because he thought he should be able to look out on the yard and I was too slow about opening the windows. Lorraine doesn't want to stay in a room with cat shredded windows! So it is the laundry room that won out.

The laundry room was originally Takumi's room but with a pole stretching across two closets and easy access to the clothes drying poles on the veranda, this is where I hang out clothes and fold them (and leave them for days before they get put away.) Sorry Lorraine. I hope a cheerful quilt on the bed will disguise this room. Don't look in the closets!

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