Monday, April 12, 2010

Cherry blossoms

The picture is one I took at the kindergarten on Saturday. All the kids drew pictures of themselves and along with a lot of colorful felt made a welcoming board for the in coming children. It says "Congratulations on entering kindergarten."

I did a lot of blog reading yesterday. And the day before answering comments. Sometimes I think I should restrict myself and only post AFTER I've read other blogs or AFTER I've cleaned out my g-mail box. But I have a feeling I'd never post again...

Maybe answering comments isn't really necessary (though I know a few of you answer MY comments within a couple hours! My g-mail box gets attention when the comments have sat there over a week.) And I would think that all of us enjoy having people come visit so I should focus my attention on reading friends' blogs rather than answering my own. What do you think?

Would you rather people visited or spent time answering your comments or gave you a place to visit yourself? With all the wonderful blogs out there it's not like a post or two will be missed! And I've seen some of your blog lists that you visit and wonder how you can get through all of them in a month even!

Sometimes I feel like there isn't really anything special to say anyway. I'm just writing for writing's sake which is a waste of time for everyone but if I get out of the habit I may never get back in. I'm not getting anything NEW done in sewing. (I claimed Mrs. Furui's bazaar embroidery because she needed to work out the measurements for our quilt by Thursday. Old stuff. You've all seen the bazaar quilt embroidery at least 5 times.) The cats spend their days sleeping. English goes along as normal. What's there to write about?

Weather. Isn't that supposed to be the boringest of subjects. Oh well. The cherry blossoms have bloomed and by next week they will be gone so that's the headline today!

"Cherry Blossom's Splendor Grace Japan's Entrance Ceremonies!"

Saturday was the kindergarten entrance ceremony and today I attend the elementary school entrance ceremony.

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