Monday, April 05, 2010

Knitting done

I finished my knitting and need to get it in the post to Leiya before the school semester ends. The blocking really helps shape it but I'll have to remember to tell Leiya that a good steaming every now and then will keep it looking nice. I wonder if she even owns an iron...

I got to the the very last rim around the neck and down the front and ran out of yarn. Wouldn't you know... Isn't that called Murphy's law or something. So I called the yarn shop and asked them to order me one more skein of yarn in such and such a color and such and such a lot number. They didn't think they could do that but even when buying the yarn I'd noticed the difference in color shades in just the lots. Well they came through and found the right lot for me.

Such a tiny bit more needed and that left me with practically a whole skein of yarn. I checked around on the Ravelry website and found "necklaces" that could be crocheted and with a little improvisation I came up with the rose necklace. I think it can double as a corsage. Or maybe in a pinch a hair decoration (that may be stretching it a bit.) I liked the way the strands can be pulled to whatever length you want or just wrapped around etc. I found the necklace idea here.

Okay Leiya, this is the best I can do right now. Next time I hope I can make something for you with you sitting by my side.

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