Thursday, April 01, 2010

Toi the troublemaker

I guess I haven't shown cats for awhile.

I spent this morning cleaning urp marks from the carpet. Chip has a definite problem that doesn't seem to interfere with her appetite but I sure need to do a lot of cleaning up after her. She must need some milder type of food but I'm already trying to keep two cats eating one type of food, the four others eating another type and all 6 cats eating in four different places (Toi races through his meals and eats everyone else's food.)

Toi and Chip had a confrontation and managed to smash my cookie jar to smithereens. I'm not happy about that.

And Toi went after Cleo and knocked things off the top of the closet too. What a crash!

So a few days ago I literally threw Toi out the back door and said,

"Go! You are a trouble maker. You are banned to the yard. Come back when you can be nice again. ...And be careful of cars while you are out there!"

I spent a lot of the next hour watching Toi from the windows as he ventured into the forest, went up a tree and sniffed the garden. My punishment backfired and he had a great time! After an hour he came back and meowed to be let in and I was so relieved that he survived that I gave him lots of cuddles. (I would have felt so guilty if he'd been lost forever.)

Toi makes me laugh but none of the other kitties appreciate him very much. Except maybe Patora. She seems to like him still...

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