Monday, May 03, 2010


A chore that I don't remember doing as a child but that I have to do regularly is changing over winter clothes to summer clothes and vice versa. This is probably because it never got REALLY cold in Southern California and we didn't have the down jackets, the long underwear, the bulky sweaters etc. Another reason is because maybe there was always closet space whereas in Japan we are really limited.

This morning I've been cleaning out my closet, sorting and packing winter things away. I'm disgusted to find that there is so much stuff that can be tossed. Why do I keep all this?

Things that got dumped include some of our old dirty coats that were being saved for dog walking. Now our NOW dirty coats can take their place.

Then there are the jeans that Leiya "gave" to me because she didn't like them or they were too small or something. Well, if they are too small for her they are too small for me and besides I don't like the way my stomach overflows the low waistbands. Out they go. (Wait a minute. Lori had a jeans rug... I may salvage the old jeans after all.)

I've got clothing given to me because I'm bigger than other people and friends thought to pass their things along. Sometimes there are treasures, but sometimes I look only so-so. Why am I cluttering my closets with things that OTHER people don't want?

And I've got things I like but when I think back the last time I wore them Takumi or Leiya were in kindergarten. That's at LEAST 15 years ago. There's only so much to say for being frugal!

Then there are the wimpy things that have lost their shape. Out, out, out with you all!

Now my closets have spring and summer things in them and I feel a little guilty. And frumpy. I'm going to go buy me some pretty delicates today just refresh my underside too!

Tomorrow I'll tackle Tetsu's side of the closet...

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