Friday, May 07, 2010

Dog quilt

I finished the little dog quilt I was making for my friend, Mrs. K, and delivered it to her yesterday. (She wasn't home but I hung it on her front door.)

I had a good time planning this and "drawing" with the sewing machine. I really like the freedom of machine quilting and the small size made the whole thing easy to maneuver.

Some of that stitching is supposed to be wind blowing through the tree and around the border, after the initial applique prints I quilted in dog paw prints. What's the difference between cat paw prints and dog paw prints? I don't know but I tried to make the toes a little more oval for dog prints. I'll have to check out my animals' feet a bit further...

I remember Mix as usually sleeping by or in his doghouse in Mrs. K's backyard. And Mrs. K took Mix for a walk most mornings or afternoons so I hope the paw prints will remind her of the good strolls they had together.

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