Sunday, May 02, 2010

Inari sushi

The other day someone asked me what might be a good Japanese dish to serve at a party they were having in Canada. I had to give this some thought.

So what was my advice to my blogger friend?

It depends whether there is a Japanese supermarket nearby her.

Assuming you have access to a Japanese supermarket. How about trying Inari-sushi?

The Japanese word, sushi includes the character for celebration. And at parties, gatherings and celebrations sushi is largely featured.

The easiest thing to do is buy some packaged sushi mix.

Just dump the mix into cooked rice (it has to be sticky rice) and stir. Voila! Sushi is made. From there you get to decide what to do with it. (You can see from the package above that you could just decorate the vinegared rice with sweet egg omelet, shrip, seaweed etc.)

While you are at the Japanese supermarket you need to buy Inari pouches.

These are really thin slices of deep fried tofu and of course one can buy the tofu, cook them up youself and make Inari pouches but believe me, it is easier to buy ready made pouches. They are very soft and sweet and combined with the vinegared rice are really very delicious.

All that is left to do is put a small ball of your vinegared rice into the Inari pouch and lunch is ready!

Inari sushi is a favorite among children and they are sold ready made in any convenience store or supermaket as a grab and go food. I used to get ambitious and make these for my children's picnic lunches whenever the school had family sporting events. They are great finger food and mothers will make boxes and boxes of them, enough to feed an army!

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