Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kitchen cleaning

"Ho-Hum. Saturday morning. A lazy day. Tetsu, what are we going to do today?"

This was after a long walk, a leisurely breakfast and some blogging time.

"Tetsu. Tetsu? Oh my!"

And this is what greeted me as I wandered into the kitchen.

Tetsu was doing a major cleaning overall to my kitchen. He'd pulled out all the pots and pans and my faithful oven of 25 years that makes 9 cookies at a time (12 in a pinch). He was changing shelf paper, scrubbing the insides and outsides of everything and rearranging the layout.

I took my picture and disappeared. More power to him if he wants to spend his Saturday morning cleaning my kitchen.

And this is what the cupboard looked like after he was done. Do you think I'll be inspired to cook now?

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