Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kitty quilt and cookies

Yesterday two of my friends came over to do some patchwork together. Mrs. Nakazawa has finished quilting her kitty quilt and we spent the day putting on the binding. Of course every time we laid the quilt down to admire or work on, cats would appear to claim it as their own. It's a good thing Mrs. Nakazawa likes cats (I guess so... she sewed enough cats into this quilt!)

For homework Mrs. Nakazawa will finish the binding and then do some embroidery on the cat faces. This is not completely complete yet but I still wanted to show it here and have you see Mrs. Nakazawa's happy face. She has her next and her next and her next quilt project lined up in her head.

And on a different note, one of my swimming friends gave me some cookies that she found at a neighborhood bakery. Aren't these the cutest things?!! Actually I have bought these before (for Mrs. Nakazawa!) but they are too cute to eat!

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