Friday, May 21, 2010

Mrs. Furui's Electric Quilt

Yesterday we had a patchwork day but didn't get too much accomplished. Sigh... The Mini-Round Robin isn't finished yet. Rats. I was hoping that those could be revealed. Some people can't keep to a schedule~♪~♪~♪ So no pictures.

Instead we went ahead and discussed out next "game" and yes, even the slower members were eager to particpate again.

So. We've decided to do a block swap... I guess that's what it's called. Each person will choose a block that they want made and send around a pattern and instructions. Month by month other members will make blocks to add to the person's envelope while having their own blocks worked on by still other members. You know what I mean... Is this called a swap? A friendship something or other? Anyway a couple of the ladies were pouring over books trying to choose what blocks they want made.

I don't know! What do I want made? Not something that can be pieced on machine because most of these ladies don't do machine piecing. So no nine patches or strip blocks. Something more complicated but not so intricate that the less experienced and slower members will get frustrated. I thought about a Drunkard's Path but can these ladies do curves? I really like the block called Alabama Beauty with LOTS of curves but maybe that really is too difficult... I've thought about Lemon Stars and Friendship Stars but another person has chosen those. Any thoughts on what would make a good, scrappy, fun quilt? There are only 6 or 7 of us participating so this is not going to be a huge quilt but with smaller blocks we agreed we'd make 5 or 6 each...

And on a completely different vein...

Mrs. Furui's husband is a physicist. A brilliant physicist! He works in the world of numbers and formulas and theories etc. And you know Mrs. Furui's delicate, intricate, feminine handwork. Usually the Furui family's two interests rarely cross but a couple of months ago Mr. Furui became very excited about a physics book (lots of numbers and formulas so that even though it was in English I didn't understand a tad!) The physicist talked about a QUILT that his wife had made for him that showed the correlation between electric pathways and perfect squares within squares or some such thing.... Our quilt group thought it very funny that there are other physicist/quilter couples like Mr. and Mrs. Furui in the world!

Mr. Furui asked Mrs. Furui to make him a quilt that he could use when explaining the physics theory in his lectures... All very complicated and I don't think even Mrs. Furui understands but she made him this quilt of all perfect squares, every one a different size (the smallest being 1 centimeter large.) The things a quilter will do for her husband!

I hope you are happy with your quilt Mr. Furui!

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