Monday, May 24, 2010

Seeing the sights

I've got tourist pictures today. Maybe people pictures tomorrow.

This weekend I had great fun entertaining two college girls from America. They are in Tokyo for a semester and were able to schedule a visit to Nikko. And one of the girls is one of my blog friend's daughter! Anyway, we did a lot of driving around and looking at the touristy sites... some that I'd never seen before too!

First we hit Mashiko and I think I've shown that pottery town on my blog twice already. This wall (on the outside of the public toilet) we thought very appropriate for a pottery town. Sort of a dangerous mosaic. I wouldn't want to trip and fall against the wall.

And this is a raccoon dog. Ceramic raccoon dogs can be seen all over Japan and they seem to have magical powers but all of them carry an osake jug, a shade hat and are well endowed. This is a huge ceramic raccoon dogs that brings a lot of chuckles from tourists.

And after visiting the pottery town we made a stop at my favorite fabric store to purchase fabric for my blog friend. I wanted you to see how small this shop is and how the colors of the fabric tend to be dark and muted.

Glory, I've got way too many pictures. I guess I'll post more scenery tomorrow too...

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