Wednesday, June 02, 2010


I found my camera after a couple more hours searching. I found it here. Obviously I've taken the camera out of the camera case to take this picture... I don't recall bringing it into the laundry/bedroom.

But I guess it gives me a chance to show an old, Bargello quilt. No label again. I made it back when the kids were in elementary school and for awhile it got hung on a wall. Later I made another larger, more complicated Bargello quilt and this one got put away. A few years ago it got relegated to a back room and is used to hide old videos on a shelf...

I read somewhere that one should take a picture of your e-mail address and keep it IN your camera so that in case it is lost and some nice honest person should find it, they will probably look at the pictures at some point and will come across the e-mail address. It seems like a good idea but rather slim and doesn't help when the camera owner loses the camera in the laundry/bedroom but anyway I've taken my picture and will leave it in the camera.

And HERE is the caterpillar!

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