Thursday, June 03, 2010

Happy Birthday and miscellaneous news

Dilemma. I need to answer comments. My e-mail box is piling up. I need to go visiting blogs. My blog friends will think I've forgotten them. I need to get some sewing done. There hasn't been an interesting quilt picture on my blog in ages. I WANT to write today's post. Let's face it... I like writing.

Do you think blogging is taking over my life? No... No... I guess I'm still getting things done... just not on my planned schedule.


Today my son is 25. Happy Birthday Takumi! I asked him what he wants for his birthday. He said he wanted a coral. A WHAT? What he'd really like is a Nudibranch. That sounds slightly improper to me... A Nudy what?! A Nudibranch. For his aquarium. Ah.. I didn't know he had an aquarium. I didn't know he was even interested in aquariums or Nudibranches or whatever. A complete new side of my son. Oh well. I'm not going to be able to send him coral or Nudibranches from Japan so he'll just have to wait until I get to the States... Maybe someday I can show you what a Nudibranch looks like (think yesterday's caterpillar only in the water.)

Sigh... Though no one really cares (not even in Japan), Japan's prime minister has changed again. Mr. Hatoyama stepped down yesterday. Japanese prime ministers seem to change every few months. Mr. Hatoyama lasted 9 months. I think I heard that in 20 years there have been 14 prime ministers... It's hard to keep up with Japanese politics.

On a happier note. My friend Miku-chan visited with her baby this week! Miku-chan made her first quilt for her baby in March and so Mei-chan (the baby) came visiting wrapped in the sweet hand made quilt. So cuddly!

I have been sewing slightly. I made an Alabama Beauty block hoping that I could get my friends to each make me one for our block exchange but it is WAY too difficult (and no one will piece by machine) so I've "scrapped" that idea.

Instead I'm thinking about spool blocks though I'm not sure how I'll arrange them when they get back to me. I don't think I want a regular spool quilt but these are fun and easy to make.

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