Tuesday, June 01, 2010


I cannot find my camera. It hasn't been missing long... Where could it be? I know that the last picture I took was of a caterpillar on Sunday. It is Tuesday morning now. Nothing going on to take pictures of yesterday and so this morning I was going to hook up my camera to the computer to post the caterpillar picture. But no camera.

It is supposed to be hanging over the computer. Not here. It often resides in my purse. Nope. Did I take it out of my purse after the caterpillar photo? Yes... I'm pretty sure I did. I think I even took in on my morning walk yesterday hoping to take other caterpillar pictures. But I couldn't find any caterpillar's. So.... Did I leave it in my sweatshirt pocket and wash the sweatshirt? No residue of it in the washing machine nor in the closet.

Hmmm. Did the cats take it? They get blamed for a lot around here and I KNOW they steal socks and pincushions. I've looked under tables, chairs and the sofa. No camera. Did I carry it to the sewing room? Can't see anything in there to really know so I've cleared the desk and ironing board thinking it might have gotten lost under some scraps. Nope.

In the car? Did I take it to crosswalk duty? Not there now! Heaven forbid, did I leave it in the car and it got stolen at the supermarket? I don't think so. I don't think I took it out of my purse. I'm pretty sure I locked the car (my new car locks by the remote control button. I find that such a fun toy!) Not IN my crosswalk uniform. I've patted all the pockets.

I didn't go to the pool yesterday and we can't take pictures there anyway. I don't see it in the kitchen but I'm not willing to clean the refrigerator just to make sure... I'm not that out of it yet... I've vacuumed. I've straightened and put away. I've hung out laundry and various articles of clothing that I found lying around. No camera. The house looks pretty good.

My camera lives in a bright orange case. It shouldn't be that hard to spot. I will start panicking tomorrow.

You missed out on a caterpillar.

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