Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Weekend progress

The weekend was fairly productive though I never got to the borders for my Patches and Pinwheels quilt... Why is it with all the fabric in my stash there is not what I think is the "perfect" fabric? Well, I'm going to stick with imperfect and not go out looking for more fabric. It is too scary to think of all the money I might spend! (And all the additions that I will buy but will not be the "perfect" fabric for future projects...and I'll go out and buy more. A never ending cycle.)

I worked on another Alabama Beauty block... Now why am I doing this? I decided that I couldn't ask my friends to make this. But it is a challenge and so I put together another. I think I've figured out how to lay the seams so that things lock together better. Even so, the center seam doesn't fit exactly yet. I'll have to make ANOTHER one to see if I can match the center better! (I can find all sorts of excuses to do things.)

And I got fed up with the clutter in my laundry room and asked Tetsu to bring me a board so that I could prop up a shelf. Instead my handy carpenter went to work out in the yard and built me another Tetsu original! As he points out, all his furniture looks about the same... Big, heavy, rough, and crooked but it serves the purpose and at least our home is coordinated!

Thank you Tetsu!

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