Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A couple finishes

I think Blogger is doing crazy things... No one else seems to be having problems... Yesterday all day there were three comments on the blog, yet in my g-mail box there were 7 comments, meaning 4 that weren't registering in the comment box but were coming through to g-mail. And now I notice that where there had been 15 comments on one of the posts, (and they were there!!! I read them all!!!) there are now only 5 so it looks like I've deleted 10. I didn't! A few other old posts have lost their comments too but I can't figure out why...

So I don't know what is happening with Blogger but I haven't touched anything. Rats. And when I go to the dashboard I don't understand a word of the computer jargon. It amazes me that I can spend so much time on this computer yet really understand so little.

I have finished with English for the summer. Yeah! Playing games with the kids. Going out to yummy lunches with the ladies. I'm still doing patchwork though. Rumor is that today Mrs. Okutomi is coming from far away and bringing the bazaar quilt that we asked her to machine quilt.

I finished another Alabama Beauty block in dark colors (the one with the yellow sparkles.) I'll forget about those for a few weeks.

I'm not really finished with this July BOM. It needs a 4th of July flag and the words
"celebrate" but I'm debating about leaving this as it. For one, no one in Japan is going to understand what the "4th" flag is supposed to be. For another, this wasn't really a great week for celebrating... Still, I might be in a more festive mood when I get back to Japan at the end of summer. Anyway, this is going in the done pile.

And last night I spent quite awhile making directions for the Star Within A Star block that I will ask my patchwork friends to make for a block swap. This will be our newest game and our homework was: prepare a box for collecting blocks, make a block of our own as a sample, and provide templates and directions to be passed around. I didn't check this after I drew it all out so I sure hope it is understandable to my friends...

Off to patchwork! (and then spend the next two days frantically cleaning and packing!)

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