Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Family days

We had our funeral yesterday and I think everyone feels at peace about the last two months. I doubt my blog friends want to see funeral pictures and I don't think Marcy wants me to share those private moments but Takumi and I stood on the sidelines and commented at how different a Southern California funeral is from a Japanese funeral. Here are the kids hanging out in the driveway beforehand waiting for the adults to get their acts together.

My son did join us and I loved standing next to him when he looks spiffed up a bit.

He spent the morning and later afternoon doing new and mysterious things to my computer and trying to get me to remember all the wonderful new commands and windows and sites. My head doesn't follow well and he was disappointed in my lack of awe and enthusiasm.

My brother asked if I'd do some sewing for him. He brought me a lawn chair... It seems the nylon canvas had ripped but we determined there was no way to remove the canvas from the chair so he held onto the chair while I ran the sewing machine. And I did such a good job that he went rummaging through his garage junk and found another chair for me to repair. It pays to have a sister who sews. Of course he ends up feeding me the whole summer so I'm getting the better deal.

"Hi, Keion. Smile!"

"Ooh. Get away from me. Sister cooties!"

Look fast. This is one of the rare pictures we have of my brother smiling...

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