Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Seeing my American family only once a year I really notice the changes that 12 months make. I've already mentioned how my mother has aged but the rest of the family is showing their "maturity" too.

In Colin's case it really does seem like maturity. He is not at all as argumentative as he was last year (but I can't believe there will not be more of it in the future. He still hasn't hit the teenage years and you know what that means!) With very little grumbling he takes out the garbage and answers Grandma's questions. And a couple of days ago I found him hammering away on the back porch all by himself. I went out to check.

"Colin, what are you doing?"

"I'm fixing the stairs."

Colin had a handful of screws and a power drill that looked very dangerous.

"Colin! Does your dad know you're using his tools?"

"Yeah, Auntie Tani. He told me to fix the stairs."

So I watched and you know what? He fixed those stairs!!!

Kiana, I am surprised to find, does her part in the kitchen. She made Chicken Parmesan for us one night and she seems to be taking an interest in cooking and helping Marcy when schedules get tight. I don't think I knew my way around a kitchen when I was 15. (Nor at 55.)

Marcy doesn't change much. Doesn't get older. Laughs a lot.

My brother has settled into middle age. He looks the best of everyone because he's lost a lot of weight. Of course when I asked him to do something on the computer for me he was squinting a lot so I had to lend him my reading glasses... Yep. More "mature".

And me... 55 and counting. I was horrified to find this sign in a store that officially includes me in the senior group. At 55! I don't know if I'm happy or upset about getting the discount!

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