Sunday, August 08, 2010

A visit to Long Beach

Takumi and Bianca came to spend the day with us yesterday and late last night around 11:00, Leiya and I decided to follow Takumi back to Long Beach to spend the night. Besides getting lost (thank goodness for the GSP) we barged in on the other two roommates and Leiya and I bedded down easily on the sofa and living room floor.

Bright and early this morning Leiya and Bianca and I took a long walk down to the beach enjoying the unique beach houses along both sides of the streets. At the beach itself there were loads and loads of joggers and loads and loads of dogs out playing at the surf.

Back home (I bought another dozen donuts for breakfast) we took off for a day of shopping at JoAnn's again (for Bianca) and then to a tropical fish store to buy coral for Takumi's aquarium.

I can't believe that I got excited about coral but I must admit it was great fun to choose from the different colors and shapes. I bought him two. One from Leiya and one from me... He's going to do his best to keep them alive...

Takumi has a nice aquarium, some good roommates and a lovely girlfriend. What with a part time job and lots of studies I think he leads a pretty fulfilling life.

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