Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Introducing a blog

Yesterday I spent ALL day cutting fabric! Yes, I've started another project and I certainly didn't realize how much cutting was involved. (Which means there is going to be a lot of sewing involved too, right? That's what makes it patchwork, Tanya.) I am starting on the Tessellating cats project from the pattern Mona sent me and I hope to use some of the brights that don't often find their ways into my quilts. Don't hold your breath.

And I also made August's BOM from A Tisket A Tasket. Got that done just under the line didn't I?

A couple of days ago I got a comment from Anna who turns out to live in the city next to me. Anna and her husband are quite the photographers and I spent quite a long time going through their photo blog. Tochigi Daily Photo. Do go take a look! I can't believe that most of her pictures are taken right around where I normally drive by on my ways elsewhere! Makes me look at my own city with completely different eyes. Hey, I live in a very interesting place! If you want to see real Japan (not my cats and quilts) scroll down and look around at the archives. The Candle Illumination and the festival pictures are so beautiful!

It's still hot around here!

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