Sunday, August 01, 2010

Summer seaside and shopping

Leiya and I went down to Laguna Nigel for the day to visit with my high school friend Jane and her family. We had a great afternoon and evening chatting and comparing how BIG our children have gotten (and more mature and more handsome and beautiful.)

The three of us went down to Laguna Beach and enjoyed the sun and sea for a bit and then did a bit of shopping.

Things are a bit too sparkly and pricey for me but Jane is always very generous and buys Leiya something fancy.

This year, thanks to Jane's tastes, Leiya is now sporting sparkly sandals with starfish on them. (Jane bought herself the flower sandals, I passed on the offer of owning sparkly sandals.)

In the evening we played a round of Canasta, ate tostadas and watched the DVD, Blindside.

It is always a treat for me to get together with Jane and though our lives are very different, we enjoy our annual girl talk and laughter.

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