Friday, August 27, 2010

Tessellating cats

Despite the heat, I have been up in the sewing room. Remember when I spent all day cutting fabric? I divied them all up into little plastic bags and decided to see if I could sew them together. This is my start on Tessellating Cats.

As always, somewhere along the line I've mis-cut and different triangles are missing or I've cut different squares into triangles when they weren't supposed to be. That's not really the disaster that it could be because the kitties can be made either in one fabric or many (so just replace the mis-cut pieces with other fabric) but I'm telling you! The organization required to make this quilt is a major challenge for my feeble brain. I am getting very good at un-sewing.

It takes me about one day to make one vertical panel (there are two panels there right now) and I have four panels to go. If I don't get this done before summer vacation is over I may never figure out what I was trying to do. Back to the sauna/sewing room I go.

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