Friday, September 10, 2010

Autumn finally

We had a typhoon in my part of the world and some parts of Japan got a lot of rain! I hurried home from teaching in the next city over and brought Choco inside before the rain and wind got too strong but in the end, the area where I live didn't have much damage. I am grateful because my pear orchard friends really live on the edge when a typhoon hits. Their year of crops is likely to be destroyed overnight and there isn't too much they can do about it... We are on typhoon number 9 this year and there are probably more to come (they strike in late summer and early fall.)

The winds cleared the mugginess from the air though and yesterday morning we woke up to cool and fresh feeling countryside... The rice farmers will probably be a little disgruntled because the winds blow the heavy rice shoots over making it more difficult to harvest. Their combines are pretty good though and the machines can go along and lift the shoots before cutting them... I think harvesting will begin next week in my part of the world.

This was taken around 6:00 am. Can you see how the rice has toppled almost making waves in the field? Sort of looks like some quilting fillers I've seen.

The mountains are cool looking in the distance...

Autumn has finally arrived?

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