Saturday, September 04, 2010

Happy Blocks

My sewing room is a complete disorganized mess. I've got parts of the Tessellating Cats on the ironing board and now I've started a Kitty quilt for my mother.

Thank you for all the suggestions. So many that were so tempting. I seriously thought about the disappearing 9-patch, and a fantastic puzzle pattern but I've ended up with Happy Blocks from Mary's website. This pattern only takes a 4 1/2 inch square of the character fabric so I've got lots more kitty fabric left to do something with! I may end up doing the the other two patterns yet!

Yesterday I cut fabric and came up with 28 kitty and doggie fabrics. Next to see what I had in the way of solid or almost solid fabric. I figured I could double up on these and use the same 4 or 5 colors together. Well! I'll have you know that yesterday I put together 24 blocks and I haven't used the same fabrics twice yet. Wow, am I ever surprised I had this many brights in my stash! I'll make the last 7 blocks of some of the larger designs so that even those won't look like repeats and I'll bet I can find 7 more almost solids in my stash... This is coming together fast.

Another "finish" is the four blocks for Mrs. Harada's quilt in our block exchange. She wanted Pineapple blocks in blue and red. Good "in front of the TV" handwork and I do mean handwork. I have to admit that I muttered a bit as I made these.

"These would be so much easier and so much faster if I was roller cutting and using the sewing machine! Why go to all this work to do by HAND!!"

It's because I love Mrs. Harada and our group does HAND piecing. So this is a labor of love...

The Tessellating Cats quilt is still up on the wall waiting for a border... That's why the Happy Blocks are down on the floor. I haven't been inspired yet as to what to do for a border...

I guess I did make another Alabama Beauty block but there is no place to put it in the sewing room right now.. Every flat area (surface and wall) is covered in scraps and blocks and flimsys.

Time to do some cleaning.

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