Saturday, September 11, 2010

I SPY quilt

I finished my Kitty quilt yesterday. This pattern is from Mary's website and is called the Happy Block pattern. I thought I was the quilter who didn't have any bright fabrics but I must have misread myself because this is definitely a BRIGHT quilt! I love all the colors and I love all the kitties and doggies in this.

This was made for my mother who was so entranced by the fabrics June sent to California. I found I had a few more prints that people have sent me over the years and with very little repeat I was able to make the 35 blocks.

Look at this hodge podge back! Lorraine had sent me a "kitty newspaper" fabric that seemed a shame to cut up so I cut a "page" and added it as extra reading material for my mother.

I also made an I SPY list for her to check out and play around with.

As usual I got hung up on the quilting because I didn't know if I wanted to do this by hand (stitch in the ditch) or machine quilt designs in the solids or do an overall quilting pattern. I opted for overall though it turned out not overall after all. Every time I came to a kitty square I hated to quilt over the kitties so those are pretty puffy... That's one way to do it!

And if truth be told, my quilting had wrinkles and a couple folds in the back. I spent a good hour taking out one whole corner that just would not pass even my usual laisez faire attitude... BUT! I found I had this cross stitch piece that I had made YEARS ago from a kit and after I'd finished I didn't know what to do with it. Hey! Old cross stitch pieces make excellent cover-ups for machine quilting bloopers!

I thought the cross stitch kitty matched this little kitty on the front very well!

This is ready to send to my mother. I hope she'll enjoy many hours looking at it!

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