Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pizza lunch

The other day Tetsu and I went out to lunch for pizza. Tetsu doesn't especially want to eat pizza. He likes it fine but he considers pizza to be a snack, not a meal. There is no way he is going to eat pizza for dinner but he even sighed when I mentioned having it for lunch. Well, when does he want pizza then? Breakfast?

Pizza doesn't taste the same as pizza we get in the States (I suppose Italians would say the same about American pizza). Shakeys has made it to Japan and also Pizza Hut but they don't taste the same as I remember. And usually when ordering pizza somewhere it seems to be a doughy crust with a lot of melted cheese on it... And tiny!!! Pizzas in normal restaurants are made for one person... It fits on a bread plate!

Anyway, back to our pizza. Our friend recommended this pizza and it was good! Different and certainly not what you are going to find at Pizzaria but Tetsu and I were both satisfied. Let's see... It had tomato sauce, CURRY SAUCE, onions, CORN, CHILI PEPPERS, POTATO WEDGES and cheese. A little sloppy but definitely filling. I don't think it will make a hit in Italy but you never know...

Along with our pizza, which Tetsu thought wasn't going to be enough, we split an order of spaghetti. This is pretty normal spaghetti in Japan and Leiya and I have always loved it! It is made from salty codfish roe. I even took Leiya some instant codfish roe spaghetti sauce when I went back to the States this summer! Yum! Billions of little codfish eggs popping in your mouth. Doesn't that make your mouth water? Or are you gagging right now? A couple green peppers in there and a topping of cut seaweed.

Lunch certainly wasn't Italian but it was delicious!

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