Monday, September 13, 2010


Yesterday Tetsu solved this year's problem of getting a Halloween pumpkin. My goodness, it is only mid-September!

For a couple of years now I have written about the problem of finding a pumpkin. Yesterday though, Tetsu took me off on a secret mission to the north of the prefecture and we brought home pumpkins! It seems that there was a pumpkin growing contest out in the countryside and the non-placing pumpkins were being given away to people and institutions that wanted them. Tetsu read in the newspaper about the already ended competition and called to find out if we could receive one of their pumpkins.

I wasn't let in on our mission until we pulled up at a home with huge pumpkins dotting the yard. Tetsu had gotten driving instructions and been told that we'd know the place because there were pumpkins all over. There were pumpkins balanced on boulders, pumpkins on the walls, pumpkins sitting on the roadside!

These pumpkins are sitting beside an old antique gasoline pump that I thought was interesting. The lady waiting for us let us take home two of her pumpkins (it took a lot of Tetsu's man power to get them in the car!) and one of them is sitting on our doorstep to remind us that autumn has arrived.

I'm driving into town in a few minutes and taking the other pumpkin to the kindergarten. I sure hope I can find someone who will help me get it out of my car!

Thank you Tetsu! It was a lovely treasure hunt sort of day (of course we got lost along the way again!) with a orb of gold waiting at the end!

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