Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shampoo and conditioner

I broke out two new bottles of shampoo and conditioner. To anyone living in Japan, I happen to really like this brand of shampoo. It is called Tsubaki and seems to come in three "colors". I like it for all the normal reasons one likes hair products. "Makes your hair soft, shiny, thick..." blah, blah, blah. I spent an outrageous amount in California this summer buying two bottles at the Japanese supermarket for my niece but she seemed to like it too. But I'm not advertising shampoo on my blog today. I thought I'd mention that the Japanese have a clever little addition to the bottles that makes shampooing easier. I don't think this is available on American brands (but I may be wrong.)

Now look at those two bottles. The one on the left is the conditioner. The one on the right is the shampoo. There is a slight difference in the color of the bottle but don't you think they are easy to confuse? And of course one says Conditioner and one says Shampoo (this brand nicely tells me even in English) but even so, when you are in the middle of a shower it is easy to get confused. This is true of all brands of shampoo and conditioner.

BUT! Japanese shampoo bottles (all brands) have little ridges along the side of bottles! I think this is a very nice attention to detail which you often find in Japan. If you have taken off your glasses to shower and have soap in your eyes you can't really tell which dang bottle is which... But if you run your fingers along the sides of the bottle...

"Ah hah! This is the one I want!" (Or don't want.)

A simple little service but I appreciate the extra thought.

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