Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Window treatments

I like to wash screens. No take that back. I DON'T like to wash screens but I like seeing the world through freshly washed screens. Same goes for windows. Clean windows brighten a weary heart. But windows should be washed on an overcast day and screens should be washed on sunny days. This week has been sunny so the screens are getting a scrub.

I also just now fixed our Japanese room window shades. Actually I fixed one shade just last week and two days later Cleo had gone through them again... The perils of having cats in a Japanese house... They learn that paper shades are easy to tear and if they want to look at the world on the other side of the shade cats have no qualms at all about making their own peephole.

So two of my windows have holes in them. Since the last paper shades only lasted two days, this time I went out and bought CAT paper shades. That's what it says right on the box! A little more expensive but these are made of PLASTIC not paper! Supposedly no one will be able to tell (except the cats who can't claw through them).

The box has enough paper/plastic for one full length window. I decided to spot repair rather than replace the whole window... That may have been the wrong choice but since only one corner is holey maybe I can fix two windows...

Cut away the ripped part.

Use double sided tape (purposely made for Japanese windows) and cut the plastic sheet to size (or lay over the whole window per instructions).

Yeah! Fixed within 10 minutes!

OOooh! I DO like that! A lovely little cherry blossom design hidden in the paper/plastic that only shows through when the light hits it. (Yes, I do see where Cleo has gnawed away on the wood too but I don't know how to fix that.)

I hope the cats don't like it too much too. Off to fix the other window. ... And maybe wash more screens.

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