Monday, October 11, 2010

Carpentry finished!

Tetsu spent another day out in the yard hammering. And now I have.... Doors on my cupboard!

Well, he has solved the problem of the cats getting into the cupboard. I don't think this solves the peeing problem but I'll work on that one.

This took a lot of figuring for Tetsu... The left side door opens on hinges. The right side slides away behind the sink.

Let's see.. What else is there? The little thing on the floor was my attempt to keep the cats away. It is an air freshener that supposedly puffs citrus freshener whenever someone walks by. The theory was that it was going to keep the cats away. It didn't work.

The grill hanging on the side is my dish drainer! The big dish drainers (there are such things in Japan) didn't fit anywhere and lived eternally on the counter... And that's all the counter there is in this kitchen! The grill can slide over the sink too so I double my space.

And this is the original set of shelves that Tetsu was making for the kitchen that ended up in my sewing room. Not too much in there yet but Chip likes it.

Tetsu is satisfied that he fulfilled his promise to get me a cupboard with doors. And I must say it looks pretty good!

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